Incomes produced abroad


The University fees include a fixed fee and a variable fee (all-inclusive fees), calculated based on the student’s income, the course of study he or she is enrolled in, and the number of enrolments with respect to the normal length of the degree programme.

The fixed fee includes the following items:

Regional Tax for the Right to Study €140.00
Stamp Duty €16.00
TOTAL €156.00
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La parte variabile dipende dal corso di studio e dalla situazione economico patrimoniale del nucleo famigliare di appartenenza dello studente valutata in base al valore dell'I.S.E.E. universitaria 2024 (redditi 2023).

Incomes data
Insert your family gross incomes, rounded up to the nearest whole number.
Insert the total amount of the family movable assets (bank or post accounts, etc)
Insert the square meters of all houses owned by the family
Insert number of family members
Data for fee calculation
First select the Course area
Insert total years of chosen course
Insert number of enrollment years (Insert 1 if it's your first year)